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With the latest in embroidery equipment, our experienced staff will embroider your design on quality products providing cost effective results. 

Digitizing - Embroidery Art Disk Setup

Digitizing is the computerized process of turning artwork into stitches. It is a complicated process requiring artistic ability as well as technical computer expertise. We have highly skilled digitizers with years of experience to ensure your logo is of the highest quality.

Art Guidelines and General Information for Embroidery

We can view many file types, but the ones we prefer are designed in vector based programs such as Adobe Illustrator CS6(.ai or .eps).  Each object in a vector file can be selected and individually manipulated independently from the rest of the image. When providing such files, it is important to create outlines or convert to curves for all text used.

Logo Size Restrictions for Embroidery

Hats 4” x 2”
Circular Hoops from 2.5” in diameter to 7” in diameter
Rectangular & Square Hoops 11” x 11”, 11” x 8”, 16” x 9.5

Lettering should be a minimum of 5mm in height with a simple font for best results. Since our machines can hold many colors of thread, multiple colors in your design is not a problem.

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